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Private Internet Access Did a Refresh and Released a New VPN App

The new Private Internet Access app offers users a lot of features in exchange of the money they spend on getting the app. The new PIA VPN comes with a wide assortment of feature-packed applications; useful and expert level tweaks; decently-sized network that is quite fast in several areas and immediate Netflix unblocking.  You get the new PIA VPN reviewed herein.

Private Internet Access- Description

What users really like about Private Internet Access or PIA is its above-average speeds; great value; instant Netflix unblocking and hugely configurable options. Nevertheless, the app does not have the ability of unblocking iPlayer and it also does not provide live chat assistance. These are matters of concern for the users. Another fact that the app does not come with any trial facility can deter the interested users. But the good thing is that PIA VPN comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

PIA or Private Internet Access is one of the most capable VPN apps delivering a lot of features. The features of this VPN app are more user-friendly and convenient in comparison to the other VPN services available in the market. The best thing about using this app is that you get all its features within a range that you can easily afford. Its network is reasonably sized with approximately 3, 394 P2P-friebdly servers in over 32 nations. The app offers wide platform assistance which includes applications for Mac, Windows, iOS, Linux and Android; detailed setup guides for routers and various other devices and browser extensions for Opera, Firefox and Chrome. With this VPN in place, you will get the ability of connecting more than 10 devices in a simultaneous manner. This is probably twice the flexibility you get with majority of the VPNs.

Extra Features

Extra features of PIA VPN range from technical and low-level SockS5 proxy for more speed to straightforward and simple in-built ad blocking and trackers for tracking malicious sites. Port forwarding, authentication, handshaking and choice of encryption are other features available with PIA. There is 24/7 customer assistance available to the users for solving the different problems they might be coming across.

Other new features that have been instilled in this VPN service include some important app refreshes with support for BEAM cryptocurrency as payment method; new interface and the potential of resolving names by way of the Handshake Namingmechanism. The app even features root DNS. If all these things sound appealing to you then wait for some more. You have the option of making the choice of several payment procedures with support for Bitcoin, PayPal and gift cards.


As far as privacy is concerned, PIA is known for its safe and secure OpenVPN feature that works on desktops and mobile devices. The tweaking protocol setups can help the users in satiating all their requirements in the most beneficial manner. Handshake procedures and data authentication along with the choice of connection gives users complete flexibility. The users of PIA VPN also get the ability of setting remote and local ports.

The Verdict

All in all, it can be rightly said that PIA or Private Internet Access is not 100% perfect but scores well in important areas. It runs on almost any device and can be used very easily.…

A Novice’s Guide to the Linux Command Line

Do you believe of the command line as an old leftover from the past, or an old made method of engaging with a computer system? Browsing for all.tmp files in a directory site (and its sub-directories) and then erasing them can be a multi-step procedure when done by means of the visual user interface, however, is a matter of a couple of seconds when done through the command line.

  1. What is a house directory site in Linux?

Linux is a multi-user os, which implies that more than one user can access the OS at the very same time. To make things simple, each user has appointed a directory site where they can save their individual files. This directory site is called a user’s house directory site.

House directory sites are discovered under the house directory site. If you are a Windows user, you can believe of a Linux house directory site as a user particular directory site normally present inside C:  Settings and files or C:  Users.

Users have total control over their house directory site in addition to all its sub-directories. This implies that they can easily carry out operations like create and erase files/directories, set up programs, and more, inside their house directory site.

  1. How to examine today working directory site?

You begin at your house directory site whenever you open a command-line shell in Linux. This is your present working directory site, which alters as you change to some other directory site. Use the PWD command to examine the total course of your present working directory site at any point in time.

  1. How to change directory sites?

Use the cd command to browse through the Linux filesystem. This command needs either a directory site name or its total course relying on where the directory site exists.

If your present working directory site is/ home/pictures, and you desire to change to/ home/pictures/ holidays, then you can just run the command: cd holidays. In this case, the command line shell will look for the holiday’s directory site inside images. A course relative to today working directory site is also called a relative course.

The total course, that starts with a forward slash (/), to a directory site is also understood as its outright course., or if you desire to change to the previous working directory site run cd –

  1. How to create a brand-new file?

Use the touch command to create a brand-new file. The command needs a filename as an argument. To develop a file called test.log in the present working directory site, simply run the command: touch test.log.

  1. How to rename/copy/delete a file?

Use the command to relabel a file. As constantly, if the file is not present in the present working directory site, use the outright course.

You can also use the mv command to move a file from one place to another. This is the equivalent of a cut-paste operation by means of GUI.

  1. What is the auto-complete function?

While working on the Linux command line, typing long courses, file names, and more can feel like a problem. The command-line shell will automobile finish the name for you.

In the example above, it was simple for the shell to think the name house since there was no other comparable prospect in the/ directory site. In case the shell encounters comparable names while car finishing, it will show those names and you ‘ll have to compose a couple of more letters for the shell to understand the appropriate name.